Q: What do you do with videos of your Let’s Plays after they’re finished and uploaded on YouTube? Do you keep them on your hard drive, copy them onto DVDs in case you need to re-upload something in the future or do you just delete them?

A: I keep copies of everything I upload. For now, I’ve kept everything (all the videos I’ve uploaded to YouTube) backed up on an external HDD (3TB one), but it’s starting to run out of space and I’ll either delete some of the older ones or burn them to blu-ray/DVD. But more important than keeping such backups, is holding on to the big, raw video and audio files until the finished video is out and live. I keep the unedited video and audio until the final video is successfully uploaded and published on YouTube. If something goes wrong, I can always re-encode and re-upload. Only delete source files when you’re 100% sure the video is fine on YouTube. This is a routine I recommend for anyone making videos (and I also recommend not making any exceptions, ever - or one might end up losing a video like what happened to me in the end of Dark Souls 2 playthrough).

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Q: Hi, I’m a big fan of your lets play Grimrock and Dark Souls. I will now try Dark Souls my self on PC, since I already finished Grimrock. So my question for you is: “What game controller are you using in Dark Souls?” For now I use keyboard and mouse, but I feel something is missing, so any tip?

A: I play Dark Souls with a wired XBox controller that works in Windows as is. On PC, I highly recommend playing Dark Souls (1 & 2) with a controller - While keyboard + mouse controls were greatly improved for DS2, the game is a lot better with a controller.

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