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Q: Have you ever attempted a no-kill run of Oblivion or Skyrim? Fun but kinda difficult!

A: No I haven’t. I’ve watched the pacifist LP of Oblivion by Icehair though, which was awesome ( He’s also done semi-pacifist run of Skyrim (and has one on-going for Fallout 3 at the time I’m writing this). Check out his channel here:

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Q: Will you do a vlog about your new schedule now that Civ is over?

A: I did :) May 2014 Channel Update can be found here:

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Q: What is your favorite elder scrolls game you played? (by Wade_Odysity)

A: I’ve liked all TES games I’ve played: Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim - have only tried Arena and Daggerfall, but can’t really say I’ve played them. If I’d pick a favorite, I’d have to say Morrowind. At the time I didn’t have a PC capable of running new games, so getting Morrowind on the XBox was a big deal. It was the first TES game I played and that first-time experience, being able to play such a massive game for the first time, was so powerful that no game can give that same feeling.

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Let’s Play Dark Souls 2 - Part 105 - Ancient Dragon (The End):